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CouchApp Evently Guided Hack w/ CouchDB

Presented by: J. Chris Anderson, author of CouchDB: The Definitive Guide

Learn to hack jQuery CouchApps -- p2p web applications that can be deployed anywhere there's a CouchDB.

Apache CouchDB can host HTML5 apps natively, serving them over HTTP. Learn how to write JavaScript CouchApps which run on both the client and the server.

We’ll assume you are familiar with jQuery and your command-line shell of choice, and that you have an installed copy of CouchDB (at least version 0.11).

We’ll be hacking on Taskr, first I’ll show you how to run it, then we’ll collaborate on code. Here’s Taskr: github.com/jchris/taskr/

If you want to hack server side Mustache templates, you should install the latest version of Sofa: github.com/jchris/sofa

About J. Chris Anderson

J. Chris Anderson is an Apache CouchDB committer and co-author of the O'Reilly book CouchDB: The Definitive Guide. He is a director of couch.io, offering commercial hosting, support, consulting, and custom development. He enjoys working on JavaScript CouchApps which can be peer-replicated just like any other data. Chris is obsessed with bending the physics of the web, and giving control back to users.

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